Welcome to Providence Heights Alpha School

Providence Heights Alpha School has been helping students achieve new heights of excellence since 1926. Founded and sponsored by the Sisters of Divine Providence, Alpha School was originally located on Lincoln Avenue in Pittsburgh’s East End. In 1929, Alpha School moved to its current location: a 40-acre campus right next door to LaRoche College in McCandless Township. Alpha School offers a wide range of programs and a challenging curriculum that both challenges and nurtures students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The mission of Alpha school is to develop independent thinkers, imaginative problem solvers, and caring, compassionate leaders for the future.

Mark your Calendars

November 25-30 (Wednesday - Monday)

No School - Thanksgiving Break

December 1 (Tuesday)

Classes Resume! 

December 2 (Wednesday)

Tree Blessing Grades K-3 @ La Roche in the Zappala College Center Building @ 12:00

December 4 (Friday)

APTA Meeting @ 7:45pm @ Panara

Festival of Lights @ 5:00pm
(See the E-mail Blast for more information)

Band/Choir Concert @ 5:45pm in the auditorium

Mass @ 1:30 in the Chapel  (Mrs. Forbes 6th grade)

December 8 (Tuesday)

Immaculate Conception Mass @ 1:30 - Don't forget to wear your mass attire today! 

December 9 (Wednesday)

Reconciliation for Grades 3-5 @ 12:45pm in the Chapel

December 10 (Thursday)

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse Fundraiser

Santa Sale 

Christmas Forensic Showcase @ 7:00pm in the Alpha Library  

December 11 (Friday)

Santa Sale

K-2 Christmas Play: Christmas in Bethleham Gulch @ 6:30pm in the Auditorium

December 16 (Wednesday)

NO APEX today so please plan your dismissal accordingly! 

Reconciliation for Grades 6-8 @ 12:45pm in the Chapel

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