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Snow Day - Remote Learning Information

Snow Day Closure & Delay Information

As winter draws closer, just a reminder that Alpha School will follow the direction of North Allegheny School District when it comes to school delays and closures (unless NA is not in school, then Alpha School will make an independent decision ). If Alpha School needs to delay or close school we will use the Option C system (and post on the television news stations of KDKA, WPXI, and WTAE) to communicate with our families. In addition, please note that there is NO Morning Care on days in which school is delayed. 


All students in Grades 3-8 should log in to their Google Classroom at 9:30am, check into all of their core subject classrooms - Math, LA, Science, Social Studies, and Religion - and complete all posted assignments.  Students in grades 6-8 should also log into their Spanish classroom.

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All students in Grades PreK-8 will participate in Remote Learning for the day.

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Alpha School will follow the direction of North Allegheny School District.  If you live in another school district and they differ from what Alpha School is doing, here is what you need to know…


Alpha is on Normal Schedule & your home district Delays:  

This means that your child's busing will be delayed.  If you can safely do so, please bring your child to school at the normal time. Your child & your safety are the most important thing, so if the roads near you are unsafe or you need to use busing, you may take the delay and it will not be considered a late arrival or tardy.  Please mark in the dismissal system that your child will be arriving on a 2 hour delay with the bus (or call/email the school secretary) so we know to expect your child. 


Alpha is on a Delay & your home district is Normal:  

Please do NOT put your child on the bus if Alpha School is delayed as there will be no one at the school to meet them upon arrival.  Instead, please drive your child to school at the delayed arrival time. (The school will open its doors at 9:15 on a two hour delay.)  We understand that this might be inconvenient, but please understand we want to ensure the safety of our staff as well as our students.


Alpha School is on a Delay & your home district is Closed:  

This means that your child will not have any busing for the entire day.  Please do your best to get them to school if you can do so safely.  Again, first and foremost, we want to keep all our students and families safe. Please note that if your child is unable to attend, it will be marked as an excused absence. 

Remote Learning Resources

for Parents

Google Classroom Tutorial

Remote Reminders

  1. Have a designated desk/workspace in the house for them to work in a neutral area.  This area should contain all the items that they may need for live streaming (books, notebooks, printer, paper, pencils, school supplies, etc.)  

  2.  Wear headphones at all times to minimize distractions and help them focus in on class

  3.  Have their camera on at all times.  If they need to leave the screen for any reason, please ask the teacher's permission just as if they were in a physical classroom.

  4. Participate in class: this includes taking notes, following along, asking/answering questions, and in general staying engaged. 

  5. Be prepared: arrive to class on time and have all materials ready to go.  

  6. Complete assignments and turning them in on time. 

  7. NEVER record a session for any reason

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