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Pen Pals in West Africa for Second Grade!

Our 2nd grade began some new relationships this week! They were introduced to Mrs Micheline Ouedraogo from Burkino Faso, a French speaking country in West Africa.

Two years ago, Mrs Quedraogo’s sisters, Wendyam and Wendkouni, started a school in the village of Tamssin. Previously, the children in the village didn’t have the opportunity to go to school due to the long distance from the nearest town. Having a new school in this remote and impoverished area brings great relief for the parents of that village and opportunity for the children.

So far, Micheline, Wendyam and Wendkouni have been able to open one classroom with 27 students, all in second grade, with the hope of adding an additional grade level each year. The schools founders were looking for a way to develop a connection between children across nations and experiences to help all involved grow, learn and offer hope to each other. The children of the Alpha School were ready to help.

Mrs. Devore and Sister Diane Dunn, launched the initiative in their social studies class and their students received a visit from Micheline who delivered photographs and biographies of the children in Tamssin.

“We thought that it would be a wonderfully unique experience for our second grade here at Alpha to become pen pals with the children in that new school. We will be sending them pictures and telling them a little bit about ourselves. In addition, Micheline will be coming to our social studies class for a visit once in a while to teach us about her country."

The children are very excited to begin this project and be able to learn about a culture and community that is very different from ours.This is a project that will grow and evolve over the coming months, encouraging children to think globally and learn from each other.

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