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Carson Scholar Winner

Over the years, Providence Heights Alpha School students have achieved high honors both personally and academically. 2019 has been no different. This year, eighth grader Louisa Jen of Cranberry Township has been selected as a 2019 Carson Scholar.

The Carson Scholars Fund, founded by Dr. Ben Carson and his wife Candy in 1994, awards $1,000 college scholarships to students in grades 4 - 11 who excel academically and are dedicated to serving their communities. Scholarship winners receive the honor of being named "Carson Scholars" and are awarded an Olympic-sized medal and a trophy for their school to celebrate their accomplishments. Louisa is the 8th Alpha student to achieve this honor.

She has consistently earned high honors at Alpha School and is an involved member of the Alpha community. She has participated in Musical productions at Alpha and spends time outside of school with friends, playing piano, and studying ballet. She volunteers her time by helping to teach kindergarten CCD at her church, St. Ferdinand. Next year, she will become a member of Vincentian Academy’s class of 2023.

Louisa Jen is among a very special group of students from across the country that have been named a Carson Scholar. Her many achievements have made her stand out as a future leader of tomorrow.

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