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Middle Schoolers Recognized for Leadership, Service, and Academic Excellence

Congratulations to 8th grader Emily Bedeck, 7th grader Dylan DeVore, and 6th grader Tessa Liberati for receiving special awards. Ms. Ruefle and Ms. Zozos presented Emily with the Marie de la Roche Award, which recognizes a student who exhibits school spirit and service, academic excellence, and a love of learning, among other qualities. Mr. Beacham and Ms. Ruefle presented Dylan with the Bishop Von Ketteler Award, which recognizes a student who is generous with their time and talents, both with others at Alpha and in the community. Ms. Ruefle and Mrs. Cessar presented Tessa with the Provident Person Award, which recognizes the student who displays the qualities of a provident person—polite, positive, prayerful, prepared, and productive.

We're so proud of you! You're simply the best!


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