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Alpha Students and the "Provident Person" Program

Providence Heights Alpha School strives to teach values that guide and serve our students for a lifetime. The  Provident Person Program was created as a means for us to breath life into our mission.  An Alpha student leads with compassion, kindness, and confidence. They use their talents to serve in a manner meaningful to them and those around them. Our students understand how one person can truly make a difference in the classroom, school, community, and the world.

A Provident Person is:

Polite     Prepared    Productive     Prayerful     Positive

Student Council:  Leadership

We encourage our students to lead and grow in all grades but when they reach our Middle School, these opportunities become more varied and designed to encourage independence. Students are required to complete Service Hours as part of the Middle School Religion program. They are also able to select from a variety of activities which speak to their own style and personality on an optional basis. Our Student Council organizes events such as the Halloween Trunk n' Treat celebration. Middle School students may be found operating the school store, book clubs, acting as PreK helpers, or raising the flag each day. If students have an interest they wish to explore, they are encouraged to work with their teachers, and each other, to make it happen.

Alpha's Buddy Program: Responsibility 

We believe in developing connection between all grades from PreKindergarten to 8th. Young students are paired up with an older grade buddy for the year. These buddies find opportunities for extra play, reading time, family lunches, and even some field trips. Their buddies are there to help at the Santa Sale, Book Fair and the Thanksgiving feast. Our younger students benefit from having these role models and our older students grow as caretakers of these little ones.  

Spring Musical: Dedication
Willy Wonka 074
Willy Wonka 079
Willy Wonka 094
Willy Wonka 091

Each year, our students in grades 3 through 8, have the opportunity to take part in a Musical performance. They are led by several of our teachers and impress us every year with their talent, joy, and dedication. Students can perform on the stage, can operate behind the scenes as Stage crew or can even join the Tech crew. 

Our younger students, from PreK through second grade get their chance to perform at Christmas. They delight us all with a seasonal rendition of Christmas Carols and songs and even find the time to visit the Sisters of Divine Providence Infirmary to share their joy by singing to the residents.

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