How to Read a Webpage

The web address can be found in the navigation bar at the top of the website. This tells you what website you are on. An example of this may be, 


Sometimes, when people find a webpage they really like, they then share it with friends and family using social share.  This just means they promote the website on their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Something many of you may have heard of before!


The main content is usually the most important part of the webpage. This is what the webpage is all about! You will also find ads, which is short for advertisement. Remember, advertisements are usually trying to sell or promote their products and services.


You can also find a menu on most webpages. Sometimes it the menu is spelled out along the top or side, and sometimes three stacked lines represent it.  You can use the menu to search for information that may be on other parts of the website. 


A menu item usually points to a separate webpage -- also known as a sub-section of a website.  Webpages have their own web address that is usually the website address with a forward slash and then the name of the page. 

Here are the definitions of parts of a website:

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