AAA - Alpha Athletic Association

The mission of the Alpha Athletic Association is to provide and monitor a set of standards by which coaches, parents, athletes and students work together in an athletic program which incorporates principles that are guided by Christian values;  


 Safety, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Fair Play


Students have the opportunity to benefit from team membership and play at the developmental, Junior Varsity and Varsity levels in Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country, and Volleyball. 


2019-20 Alpha Athletic Association:

President:  Braden DeVore

Vice President:  David Liberati

Secretary: David Corrigan

Treasurer: Gregg Burns


2019-20 Alpha Athletic Commissioners:

Soccer: John Dickinson

Volleyball: Katie Deinhammer

Basketball: Bill Snyder

Cross Country: Michelle Stoltz 

Track: Bill Snyder

Upcoming AAA Games

Athletic Association By-Laws:

AAA By-Laws-- Amended May 2016

Athletic Assoc. Meeting Minutes


August 2019 Meeting Minutes

October 2019 Meeting Minutes

January 2020 Meeting Minutes

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