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Team Sports

In addition to the regular physical education periods, Alpha offers  development and competitive team sports for both girls and boys in:




Cross Country

Girls Volleyball


Alpha Athletic Association
The mission of the Alpha Athletic Association is to provide and monitor a set of standards by which coaches, parents, athletes and students work together in an athletic program that incorporates: Safety, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Fair Play that are guided by Christian values. The Association recognizes that the Principal and the members of the Board of Directors of Providence Heights Alpha School have authority and responsibility for Alpha and its programs. As such, the Association shall function upon the consent of the Principal.


2021-22 Alpha Athletic Association:

President:  Mr. Nathan Kramm

Vice President:  Mrs. Leigh Frederick

Secretary: Mr. David Day

Treasurer: Mrs. Carissa Traill

2021-22 Alpha Athletic Commissioners:

Soccer: Mr. Braden DeVore

Volleyball: Mrs. Melissa Wozetek

Basketball: Mr. Chris Kane

Cross Country: Ms. Cindy Baldauf


Alpha School offers a wide variety of sports, extracurricular, and after-school activities that allow students to pursue their passions. All activities help to foster the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth of each student. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

Most after-school programs and extracurricular activities take place at the Ketteler Center for Early Learning Center on the Alpha School campus. These programs and activities also coincide with the APEX program.

Some of the Activities may include:

Altar Servers 


Book Club (K-3)
Creative Cooking (PK-5)

Dance (K-5)
EcoExplorers (1-4)
Forensics (5-8)
Guitar (PK-8)

Mad Science (K-5)

Math Club (PK-K)
The Alpha Spring Musical (4-8)
Piano & Flute (PK-8)


Robotics Club (5-8)
STEM Club (1-8)

Student Council (6-8)

Tennis (K-5)
Young Brother's Tae Kwon Do

What is APEX?
(and why is it excellent?)

The APEX program (Alpha's Pursuit of EXcellence) is an afterschool program offered for all Alpha students. APEX’s highest priority is to provide quality care in a safe, familiar, and engaging environment. 


Our air-conditioned, on-campus location at Ketteler Early Learning Center will allow for quiet study, as well as ample space for creative play.  In addition, the gymnasium, outdoor playground and soccer field are available for gross motor activities and games.  A center based program has been incorporated to inspire creativity, imagination and teamwork in a fun environment.

Hours of Operation:

APEX is available from 2:45 - 6:00 pm on all full days of school and can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or full-time basis.



Cost of APEX is $12.00 an hour for the first child and $6.00 an hour for each additional sibling.



A snack will be provided daily.    


Dismissal Procedure:

Any parent/guardian wishing to utilize Alpha’s APEX program must indicate that their child will be attending “Daycare” in the Dismissal System.  Be sure to indicate who will be picking up the child, especially if it is not their parent/guardian. Upon arrival to pick up your child, please buzz in at the door.