"Alpha children grow up with grace, confidence, respect, gratitude and are extremely compassionate"

                                          Todd Berkey

"Our son started kindergarten this year and we could not be happier with our decision to send him to the Providence Heights Alpha School. The class sizes are small, the curriculum is engaging, and our son is always excited to talk about what he learned that day. I never thought he would make such notable progress in just one year. The teachers at Alpha are completely invested in each of their students and it shows. I'm so thankful that the Alpha School was able to make my son's first year of elementary school a positive experience."   

~Jocelyn, Alpha Parent


When asked why she chose to send her daughter to Alpha in spite of stellar local school districts, Alpha parent, Maria Sinclair responds easily: "I am concerned with her learning values. We wanted her in a prayerful environment. Also, when we looked at different schools, we saw that Alpha students were better prepared and superbly well-spoken, and that is what I wanted for my daughter." Read More

~Maria, Alpha Parent


On her journey to finding the perfect school, mother Ada DeFanti remembers, "after consulting extensive research and looking at several schools, we visited Alpha. As we reached the steps of the magnificent building, a class of kindergarten students passed by. With a smile, each one of them said to our guide, 'Good morning, Ms. Patty.' Immediately sensing an air of trust, respect, family and friendship, I was hooked on Alpha." Read More

~Ada, Alpha Parent


"We knew during the introductory tour. We instinctively felt that we were in the right place. The beautiful campus, the small classes, the superior technology, the excellent teachers,a nd the high level of communication, combined with the values that my husband and I received from Catholic education, and we were sold." Read More

~Anita, Alpha Parent

"My experience at Alpha put me in the mindset to succeed in high school. The small class sizes allow for a very hands-on learning experience. The atmosphere is one of support and encouragement, family and faith. I made some of my best memories while attending Providence Heights Alpha and encourage everyone to learn more about this amazing place.

~Ryan, Alpha Alum

In an e-mail to the admissions office, new Alpha parent, Chrissy, had this to say: "I just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with our new year at Alpha. Every teacher and staff member has gone out of their way to make Olivia feel so welcome. We especially want to testify to the amazing 1st grade teachers, Ms. Olivo and Mrs. DeVore, who have had continued an open door approach with us throughout the year. We communicate often about Olivia's progress and have worked together to create an approach that works for her. She has improved so much over the year and we know it's because of the work we were able to do together. We couldn't be more pleased. Also, they have shown nothing but love and affection for our whole family. Our other kids are always greeted with a huge hug anytime we are at the school. This is so encouraging as we know our chidlren are and always will be Ms. Olivo and Mrs. DeVore's main priority."

~Chrissy, Alpha Parent

"We wanted to let you know that we have decided that Chip will attend Shady Side Academy for high school in the fall. He received an academic/merit scholarship and will also play hockey for SSA. We were so pleased that SSA was impressed with his academic success to award him the academic scholarship. We attribute much of this to his wonderful education at Providence Heights Alpha School. Alpha has provided him with a strong foundation, particularly in math and writing, that he will build upon at SSA for his future success. The Admissions staff was impressed with his speaking skills, which he has developed through multiple opportunities at Alpha, such as reading at Mass and roles in school plays. Thank you for your assistance with the completion of the reference/recommendation forms throughout this process. We appreciate all that you & the wonderful teachers at Alpha have done for Chip!"


~Amy, Alpha Parent

"Alpha is where I found my best friends. The family environment is truly unique. You will never find a place where you can build better relationships with teachers than Alpha. The academics are exceptional and will beyond prepare you for high school. If you choose Alpha, you will feel valued, and you will have so many opportunities to learn and grow."

~Louisa, Alpha Alum

"Alpha was not only great academically, but also socially, because smaller class sizes allowed for more friendships to be made and grown, and also students and teachers were able to have a good relationship, being able to ask anything at almost any time. Academically, I loved Alpha because each class was challenging enough to keep me engaged, but not too challenging to the point that I would become frustrated, and (this ties in with the social aspect) I was able to ask questions whenever I needed. All of this together allowed me to learn everything I would need to know to get through this first year of high-school, and it taught me how to learn in many different situations, which will continue to help me in the future. Overall, I loved Alpha and would recommend it to just about everyone!

~Anthony, Alpha Alum

"Dear Mrs. Cessar,
Thank you so much for preparing me for the challenges of high school. It was a breeze having to adapt from 7th grade biology to freshman biology...You strengthened my ability to apply scientific concepts to real world problems. I cannot even begin to explain how useful these skills are going to be." Read More


~Jake, Alpha Alum

"Mr. Beacham,
I just wanted to say thank you for always pushing me to work harder...You were a star teacher." Read More


~Molly, Alpha Alum

"Dear Mrs. Cessar,
Thank you for preparing me for high school and being one of my favorite teachers ever! I had no idea how well you prepared me for high school until I arrived at Vincentian. Your class is the main reason that I have an interest in science." Read More


~Katelyn, Alpha Alum

"Dear Mr. Beacham,
I am writing to thank you for preparing me for my high school English class. Reading Shakespeare and analyzing it prepared me for reading Macbeth this year." Read More


~Matthew, Alpha Alum

"Dear Mrs. Cessar,
Thank you for being such a great teacher!...Even when I didn't understand a concept in science, you always made me feel like I could come to you with questions or to get some extra review." Read More


~Gracie, Alpha Alum

"Dear Mr. Beacham,
Thank you so much for being one of the best teachers that I will ever have. You made English class and Reading so fun and enjoyable and I will never forget all of the interesting memories we had in class." Read More


~Jamie, Alpha Alum